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Textbook Distribution and Retrieval Policy

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Textbook Distribution and Retrieval Policy
Procurement of Textbooks

1. Textbooks are purchases/procured via funds allocated to LTSM from the department The amount is determined by Norms and Standards and procured through a catalogue provided by the Dept of Education.
2. The SMT, particularly the Heads of Department, determine the areas/subjects in which textbooks need to be purchased.
3. The criteria used are (i) the number of learners offering the subject.
       (ii) the need to top up if necessary.
4. Heads of Department consult with subject teachers when selecting textbooks from the catalogue.
5. The Principal, together with the Senior Admin clerk places the orders for textbooks from the catalogue.
6. If the budget allows, textbooks and reference books may be purchased from funds allocated from school fees. These are also recorded in the textbook inventory. The source is recorded as school fund purchase (SF).


1. On receipt of textbooks, entries are made of the numbers received in the textbook inventory.
2. All textbooks are stamped to identify them and numbered by the stock controller/SEAS.
3. Textbooks are then distributed to Heads of Department who sign for the receipt of textbooks.
4. H.O.D’s are responsible for the distribution and collection of textbooks and for accurately maintaining records thereof.

Distribution of Books

1. H.O.D’s receive textbooks from the SEA when they are delivered.
2. They are to ensure that each book is numbered and stamped.
3. They are to record the number of books received and are responsible for the safe storage of the books.
4. The relevant number of books are then distributed to the subject teachers Subject teachers are to sign for receipt of books. They are also responsible for the distribution and collection of textbooks from learners and for maintaining of accurate loan book records.
5. All distribution of textbooks will take place when classes are properly organised and classified.

Retrieval of Books

1. Textbooks will be collected by subject teachers at the end of the year before learners leave on vacation.
2. Subject teachers are to hand all retrieved textbooks to the H.O.D. responsible.
3. If a textbook is lost, the learner has to replace the lost textbook or pay the equivalent of its value to the school.
4. Learners who seek transfer during the course of the year have to hand in all textbooks and library books in order to receive a clearance letter before a transfer card is issued.
5. In the event of a textbook being lost, the parent/guardian will have to make good the loss on issue of the transfer card.


1. H.O.D.’s must complete a stock taking exercise at the end of each year.
2. All lost or irretrievable stock will be written off by the board of Survey.
3. Reasons and explanations in writing are required for the losses incurred.
4. All records are to be maintained by H.O.D.’s and copies are to be lodged with stock controller.
5. All records are kept with the Senior Admin Clerk.

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